Services include but not limited to

  • Pipeline testing
  • Packer isolation testing
  • Bridge plug tests
  • High pressure pumping
  • Acid jobs up to 15% HCL acid
  • Hot oiling wells
  • Heating frac tanks
  • Steaming & Pressure Washing
  • Setting packers
  • Clean fluid transfer
  • Equipment Moving
  • Capability of recording specific jobs as required by our clients
  • Pumping of cold or hot (recommended) paralene downhole

*We DO NOT heat any other chemical besides Ronwood Paralene.


Additional Equipment Rental

  • 65ft Genie boom
  • 500ft snake
  • Backhoe
  • Skid steer
  • Enclosed filter pot system
  • Trash pump


Paralene is a wax and asphaltene solvent which is specifically formulated for a particular problem or well site. Paralene can be used for many different applications, some are as follows

  • Wellbore cleanup
  • Formation damage removal
  • Wellbore wax maintenance

Additional information and a MSDS can be provided upon request.

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